Examples of missions:

  • Dental drill: choice of grade, heat treatment and PVD,
  • Watch: advicein the design of boxes made in titanium alloys or super alloys,
  • Aeronautics : bushes, help in grade changing,
  • Closed die stamping: troubleshooting,
  • Quality Management: obtaining ISO 9001 certification,
  • Training: mainly aimed at sales people.


  • Engineer in metallurgy
  • Head of laboratory (20 years)
    Ugitech, Laboratoire National d’Essais, Société Générale de Surveillance (Geneva)
  • Technical support Director successively for 2 steel makers and a stockist in medical, watch and aeronautic fields (15 years)
    Aubert & Duval, Stainless
  • Quality manager - ISO 9001 - 5 years
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