Technical Assistance and Advice for metallic materials used in medical, watch and aeronautic industries:

DCF is available to help you choose the right high tech metals and will assist you with your product design, development, marketing and through to after-sales service.

  • Expertise in metallurgical sciences: carbon steels, low alloyed steels, stainless steels, titanium, copper based alloys, super alloys nickel and cobalt based, tantalum.
  • Competences in Quality Assurance Management ISO 9001 for metallurgical industry.

DCF can help you reduce costs:

  • Time saving during design,
  • Use of lower grades,
  • Choice of less expensive or easier to heat treat grades,
  • Decrease in the number of customer complaints.

Fields of technical expertise:

Aeronautics, Watch industry, Medical (implants, joint prosthesis, dental implants)
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