Advice and Training

Advice and Technical Assistance in the following fields:

  • Parts design: choice of appropriate material grade and heat treatment according to final use,
  • Monitoring laboratory tests, metallography,
  • Material supply: supply specification drafting,
  • Sales of material: examination and comment on customer’s specification,
  • Manufacturing: workshop problem solving, choice of manufacturing route, search and selection of subcontractors,
  • Marketing: booklet drafting, onsite visits to clients premises,
  • Expertise on incidents: examination of broken or corroded part and determination of incident root causes.


  • Training company registered by French state,
  • Training in general metallurgy: mechanical properties, metallography, alloys, heat treatments,
  • Metallurgy of materials for medical, watch and aeronautic industries,
  • Iron, copper, nickel, cobalt titanium and tantalum alloys,
  • Slide-based training courses, questions-answers,
  • Copy of slide provided to training attendees,
  • Training certificate delivered to all attendees.
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